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ABOUT...Quantified Perception

With seminal research in semantic analysis in the late 1990's, QPL created a foundation for the analysis of text that is the basis for dozens of derivative technologies. The QPL patent is referenced in more than eighty subsequent patents and provides a framework for using analysis to detemine contextual symetry in related documents.
Don Arnold
Principal Analyst and Founder

Directly responsible for over $500 million in Federal contract awards for information technology, Don has thirty years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development in government technology. He has led a number of culture-changing initiatives in the community, including the establishment of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) in 1989, the first-ever government-wide enterprise site license for computer software (1994), and the successful remediation of "Y2K" in a number of critical infrastructure projects in 1999.


Don was instrumental in establishing the E-Gov initiaitive, as Vice President for Programs until 2002. He joined PeopleSoft as Business Development Director for the Federal sector of the $13 billion software company, working closely with DoD and civilian agencies in building the framework of Line-of-Business acquistions.


     @darnold_QPL (Twitter)

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The Semantic Analysis Methodology

U.S. Patent Number 5781579 describes a technique for building an analytic engine to provide valuable data on the semantic content of text. QPL has developed the Text Analysis Profiler to apply our techniques to better understanding the intent of the RFP and making sure that your proposal will garner the highest possible score in the evaluation. You owe it to your acquistion team to check out how QPL can bring TAP into your process and improve your chances for a win.



With a patented methodology for analyzing text, QPL brings tools to your efforts that no one else can. You can see examples on the web site, and read analysis in our blogs. If you want to win, this is one more tool in your proposal kit.

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