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Analytics for Acquisition


Do you understand the agency, their priorities, and what they are looking for in their program?


After you've invested months and years getting ready for the procurement, can you afford to skip the final step that ensures your proposal is aligned with the customer's requirement?​


​Have you done ALL of your homework in preparing for your proposal?


Do you understand the Agency strategy? Have you captured the lexicon of the program team? How will your proposal stand out? How can you differentiatge your offer from the others?


QPL extracts the work specification from the solicitation package, and performs a Semantic Analysis of the document. This includes a list of most frequently used words, phrases, and concepts in the RFP. This is correlated to a baseline database of more than 100 other RFPs and RFIs to identify any statistical aberrations.

This information provides both a benchmark for the government’s requirement and a template for the language of your proposal. You can give your proposal team a vocabulary for their writing at the outset of the process – ensuring that your proposal is consistent with the government’s request, and that it is internally consistent.


The Department of Interior has an obvious interest in Public Lands – did you know that Climate Change is the most common phrase in their Strategic Plan – or that “young people” is the third most used phrase?

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